Robert D. Schiller


My name is Jean Louis Vijgen from the Netherlands.
Our family adopted the grave of a WW2 vetran buried here in at the American Memorial and War Cemetery Margraten in Holland.

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His name Robert D. Schiller, he was from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In 1930 he lived with his family in Minneapolis ( 13th Ward 520th Block ).

Father, Anton Joseph Schiller, Mother, Gina Isabelle Schiller, they lived in 1949 at 4849 Parc Ave.

Brother, Richard Gordon Schiller, address 1949 was 3915 Elliot.

Brother, Sidney James Schiller, address 1949 was 2835 west? Montclair.

He served with the 46th Infantry Bt, 5th Armoured Division en was killed in Germany on November 30, 1944.

We are searching for relatives and more information about him.

Can anyone possibly help in this matter?

Jean Louis Vijgen