RNC protesters appeal permit process


Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War, the umbrella group for more than 50,000 protesters expected to march on the Republican National Convention in September appealed a conditional permit granted them for the march, an appeal that was quickly denied on Friday.

The coalition is appealing the vague conditional permit granted last week, a permit that does not provide a location for the march or a time frame for the coalition to conduct the march. The city of St. Paul says they will provide those details on May 31st. The coalition says they need those details now in order to prepare for tens of thousands of protesters and, if needed, file suit against the city if the timing and route details are not sufficient.

“I want to repeat, the city continues to be willing to work with the coalition on this matter,” St. Paul city attorney John Choi wrote in a letter to the coalition. “The city has extended unprecedented access to the coalition by its commitment to allow a parade within sight and sound of the Xcel Energy Center.”

The coalition has previously said that the previously announced march route options do not meet the sight and sound test. The closest route would bring the march to within about 4 blocks of the Xcel Energy Center, the location of the convention.

“We are most concerned about the proposed march routes. None really incorporate coming near the Xcel Energy Center or even across near West 7th Street,” said coalition member Meredith Aby at a press conference Monday. “We don’t want a permit to march around downtown St. Paul. Downtown St. Paul is not the target of our message.”