Review: A Visit from St. Alphabet


*_A Visit from St. Alphabet_, written and illustrated by Dave Morice (Coffee House Press)*

With no apologies necessary to Clement C. Moore, Dave Morice has transformed “T’was the Night Before Christmas” into an abecedarian romp for writers of all ages. After settling in for a “long writer’s nap”—perhaps after staring at the blank page a bit too long?—the narrator awakes to find pronouns all over the lawn, and a familiar-looking elf in “an anagrammed vest” filling up the house with letters of the alphabet instead of presents. Kudos to Morice for creating a new writer’s muse, friendly and helpful in every way and guaranteed to arrive at least once a year, on “the night before X.”

_Carrie Mercer is a freelance writer and artist living in Minneapolis. She has an MFA from Hamline University and is currently learning to ice skate. Read her blog at or reach her by email at