Review: Sky Bridge


*_Sky Bridge_, by Laura Pritchett (Milkweed Editions, $22)*

When Libby’s sister, Tess, discovers she’s pregnant, she tells Libby she wants an abortion, and in a fit of naiveté or inspiration, Libby says she will raise the baby. Then, after giving birth, Tess promptly leaves town.

_Sky Bridge_ is the first-person account of Libby, who becomes an adoptive single parent in a rural Colorado community. In Libby, Pritchett creates a character both pitiful and brave. She sees herself as a loser and martyr, something many can relate to in their experience of motherhood. Libby speaks her painful truth, yet ultimately finds her way to love and redemption.
I will miss Libby. Our relationship was just too short. Inside her story, I found important remnants of my own story as an adoptive mother.