Review: The Complete Writer’s Kit


*_The Complete Writer’s Kit_ by Scott Edelstein (Running Press)*

Edelstein’s writer’s kit includes his paperback _30 Steps to Becoming a Writer_, his minibook _Get Published in 6 Months or Less_, and a card deck by author Natalie Goldberg. To get through this rigorous writing manual takes guts. This is not to fault Edelstein—his commitment to the beginning writer is obvious. He ends the chapter “Engaging Your Reader’s Senses” by encouraging writers to “Remember, you already use this kind of detail every day in your speech and thinking.”

In the minibook, Edelstein outlines an aggressive plan for sending out six different pieces to 15 different publishers over the course of six months. Rejection, he assures his reader, becomes as uneventful as getting the monthly bills.

Will this kit make you a successful writer? “It’s possible to learn to sing a beautiful ballad by following clear, careful, step-by-step instructions,” Edelstein writes, “Why should writing be any different?” Beginning writer beware. It still ain’t easy.