Review: The Color of Me


*_The Color of Me_ by Linda L. McDunn, illustrated by Barbara Knutson (Liturgical Press)*

What is the color of God? Young children as well as grown-ups can find an answer in this simple story with vivid illustrations. Leave it to Liturgical Press of Saint John’s Abby, publishers of the illuminated St. John’s Bible, to bring McDunn’s message of an inclusive spirit to our youngest theologians. “Lastly, God created people of color—brown people, white people, black people, red people, yellow people, and more, all in God’s own image.”

Some of the best art of our times can be found in children’s books, and Knutson’s paintings are proof with their brilliant colors and dramatic black outlines. I recommend this, a warm and hopeful story for all us rainbow families, looking to bring something spiritual back into the holidays.

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