Returning favorites—Theatre Unbound


by Matthew A. Everett • June 25, 2008 • This year, it’s actually a slot where TMJ Productions has partnered up with Theatre Unbound.

Why such a partnership you ask? – well, it quickly becomes obvious…

As for Unbound in previous Fringes…

2003 – The Love Talker
2004 – Women! Live! Onstage!
2005 – Chicks In Space
(2006 – Best of the 24 Hour Plays) – missed this one myself

This isn’t just the teaming up of two different production companies. It’s also the first time husband and wife team Edward Linder (TMJ – Too Much Joy) and Stacey Poirier (Unbound) have shared the stage together.

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“We met in Anoka Ramsey Community College theatre program in 1988,” says Linder. “After twenty years together, we figured it was about time we were in the same show.”

Poirier continues “And Cindy Lou Johnson’s ‘Brilliant Traces’ is perfect – two complex, off-beat characters experiencing the most important encounter of their lives.”

Brilliant Traces

Preliminary blurb…

“A remote cabin in the wilds of Alaska. Fate, a runaway bride and a cynical recluse converge in a match of wills to echo the raging blizzard outside. A kooky exploration of love, loss and the unlikely places we find sanctuary.”

Their director is Miriam A Monasch who was frighteningly good onstage herself in Workhouse Theatre’s recent production of “‘Night Mother.”

Since its premiere at Circle Repertory Theatre, “Brilliant Traces” has been produced around the world. New York Times critic Frank Rich said, “’Brilliant Traces’ redefines the familiar by recasting it in histrionic extremes and poetic images (from those of ice to charred shoes) that are as theatrical as the Alaskan weather that establishes the play’s tone.”

Having seen both Ed and Stacey act separately in various productions over the years, it should be a lot of fun to see them onstage together – finally.

This is one of those rare 75-minute production slots at the Fringe, all housed at the Bryant Lake Bowl, that run every two hours rather than every ninety minutes like the rest of the Fringe schedule. So, you get a built in breather in your schedule this way – plus the opportunity to eat and drink while watching the show, another handy bonus for the hardcore Fringers out there. (Plus, they pretty much do Fringey stuff year round at the BLB. You don’t have to wait for late summer to find something odd and/or interesting going on –

You can learn more at the websites – and

Brilliant Traces

Bryant Lake Bowl
810 Lake Street West, Minneapolis

August 1, 10pm
August 2, 12noon
August 4, 8pm
August 9, 2pm
August 10, 6pm

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