Returning favorites—Rik Reppe


by Matthew A. Everett • June 19, 2008 • Well, this one was a near escape. I was afraid my tear ducts were about to be assaulted with something from which they would never recover (and I mean that in a good way, of course).

The other artist from my first pre-Fringe Top 10 list in 2003 who will probably be making an appearance is

Rik Reppe

2003 – Staggering Toward America
2005 – Glorious Noise (plus a visit to the TV show)

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This year…

He will very likely make an appearance as part of the ensemble of the Rockstar Storytellers in their

“School of Rockstars”

Preliminary blurb…

“Rockstar Storytellers take you to school with spoken word, comedy and monologues that make the grade, from A+ (“Brown-Nosers”) to F (“Shut Up About My Potential”). New lineup each show, no audience left behind.”

The rockstars in addition to Rik include – Laura Bidgood, Allison Broeren, Mike Fotis, Allegra Lingo, phillip andrew bennett low, Curt Lund, Courtney McLean, Dave Mondy, and Amy Salloway.

Their individual and collective shows thus far have not disappointed. I expect mighty fine wordsmithing to abound.

What Rik almost did was the following…

“Broken, Boxed, Whole – Life After Iraq”

“There are three ways to return home from a war – broken, boxed or whole. Through the words of those who have returned and the families and friends impacted, ‘Broken, Boxed, Whole’ explores all three states.”

I’m sure this one’s still on tap for the near future, just not this Fringe. We may still get one of those stories in “School” this August. Given that Rik can wring tears from me just as easily as laughter, and I’m not alone, and the Rockstar Storytellers as a group are equally adept at such things, you can count on this one to entertain in any number of ways.

School of Rockstars

U of M Rarig Center Thrust stage
August 1 – 10pm
August 3 – 2:30pm
August 6 – 5:30pm
August 7 – 8:30pm
August 9 – 7pm

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