Returning favorites—Claire Simonson


by Matthew A. Everett • June 19, 2008 • If you like your comedy a little on the cerebral side or a bit quirky, or you like a little multimedia in the mix, have I got a show for you. A returning favorite from my pre-Fringe Top 10 list in 2004…

Claire Simonson

2004 – The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

2005 – Boob Tube

this year…

Suitcase Cabaret

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Preliminary blurb…

“Saint Clare and the Devil Duck are BACK!! A cavalcade of multimedia religio-politico-heliophysical rumination and satire, from the creator of Fringe 2005’s ‘Boob Toob.’ Big ideas come in small packages…”

Claire’s stuff is hard to describe. It’s really, really funny. It’s really, really smart. Saint Clare (the patron saint of television – no, seriously) and the Devil Duck participate in an ongoing battle for Claire the performer’s soul. But that’s just a running gag that is in service of whatever other larger story Claire may be aiming at. She’s one of the most adept performers I’ve seen at incorporating multimedia in her show without becoming overwhelmed by it. Again, they are tools in service of a story, rather than a gimmick that drives the performance. Claire has a very sure hand on every element of what’s going on onstage. The Fringe’s legendary tech support staff of course is tied in closely to the action, but mostly it’s Claire, flying solo without a net, dazzling and amusing as she zips along. If you’ve seen one of her shows, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, now’s your chance. Not to be missed. Trust me.

Suitcase Cabaret

Intermedia Arts
August 1 – 7pm
August 2 – 8:30pm
August 4 – 5:30pm
August 5 – 10pm
August 10 – 4pm

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