FREE SPEECH ZONE | The Return Of The Roosevelt Mosaic


On Friday, May 21, 2010, Roosevelt High had its first Mosaic since the 2007-2008 school year. There were performances of spoken word, singing, and cultural and hip hop dances. Food, games, and art display booths, as well as students, staff, and people from the community filled the main gym.

The Mosaic is a wonderful festival that invites the community to experience the diversity within Roosevelt. I had a chance to interview the Assistant Principle, Mr. Vernon Rowe, about the Mosaic being beneficial to the school and the community. He feels, “It puts the school and community together and it allows the people from the community to see the things and the attributes diversity brings to the neighborhood, the community and the schools.”

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Not just a high school freshman, a talented spoken word artist, Terranzi Applewhite decided to take the stage to talk about peace.  Roosevelt junior, Michael Hammond shared a spoken word piece about his views on life as he sees it.  Senior, Chavonn Williams and junior, Shay Cunningham collaborated on a strong piece starting off with a unified, “CONFUSION sets in like a scary illusion clouding the eyes so it’s hard to see a solution.”

For many of the performers, they performed because they wanted people to see another side of them that they don’t see everyday. But, there was one performer, the aforementioned Chavonn Williams, who was blackmailed by her AP Bio teacher; perform or fail was the threat. Needless to say, she could not take a failing grade, so the stage she took.

For some people, the most interesting thing at the Mosaic was the performances, but for me, it was the food.  It was amazing to experience the different flavors from various cultures all in one place and witness the different ethnicities of people eating them.

Roosevelt senior, Taariq Nakumbe said the most interesting thing he notices is the people who come with their family and friends to share the excitement with others. I also think the people is an interesting thing, hopefully in the upcoming years Roosevelt would still be able to have this festival for the next generation to enjoy.


May 27, 2010

Sancerea Hardimon