Return of the potholes


Spring snows are melting all across Minnesota, leaving behind a bumper crop of potholes in streets and highways. The state, counties and cities that maintain the motorways want your help in reporting those suspension-rattling craters so that crews can fix them.

“MnDOT wants motorists’ help,” said Duane Hill, a district maintenance operations engineer. “If you notice a pothole on any state, U.S. or interstate highway, please send us an email or give us a call so that we can quickly repair the hole.”

With new resources for maintenance thanks to the Legislature’s override of Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s veto of long-awaited road and bridge funding, the job should get done quicker this year and into the future.

But finding the right office to call for any particular pothole can be tricky, but here’s a Minnesota 2020 guide to navigating the pavement bureaucracies.

* For major highways in the Twin Cities area, contact MnDOT

* For major highways in Greater Minnesota, consult this list of district offices

* For Hennepin County roads, click here

* For Ramsey County roads, click here

* For Minneapolis city streets, click here

* For St. Paul streets, click here

Many other local units of government have web resources for reporting potholes. Their websites are easily located with a Google search.

Finally, for everything you ever wanted to know about how potholes form, with a cool video and nifty graphics, check out MnDOT’s web tutorial.