Retail cleaning workers to launch hunger strike


Workers who clean Twin Cities grocery stores plan to begin a hunger strike this weekend to compell management to meet and address their concerns. For over a year, retail cleaning workers with CTUL, the Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha, have tried to contact representatives of Cub Foods to discuss ways to end the human rights violations that are reported in the cleaning of their stores.

Their efforts have been unsuccessful and one worker was fired.

“In 2010 the parent company of Cub Foods donated approximately $90 million to the community, the equivalent of $1.73 million a week,” CTUL notes on its website. “We, the workers who clean Cub Foods’ stores, are often the very people who have to seek relief from local food shelves. If Cub Foods were to pay only one week of community donations to ensure that we are treated fairly as we clean their stores, we could afford to provide food for our own families and we would not have to beg for handouts.”