Resident finds Strength in Dance


Healthy living in Corcoran

Just over the border of the Corcoran Neighborhood there sits a dance studio full of life, activity and joy. We recently caught up with a Corcoran Resident who frequents the studio to ask her about this fun way to exercise your body and your mind in a very social way. Corcoran Resident Martha Bird discovered a love of dancing 14 years ago but then stopped abruptly for a number of reasons. After taking a break for several a marriage ending, she regained the confidence to return to dancing. Her first ever class at the Social Dance studio, the Ballroom Waltz, brought a smile to her face and a deep feeling of joy. She was back on the dance floor for good.

Martha’s primary dancing experience occurred at age 16 when she was taught by a family member to “feel the motion of the other person’s body” and follow their movements. Since then, she has learned numerous dance steps through frequent classes at the Social Dance Studio and has become a genuine dancer. She now dances 3-5 times a week, for up to 7 hours at a time. She practices a variety of styles including Swing, Salsa, cumbia, Hambo, 2-step, waltz, rumba, and many more! Dancing fulfills her need for cardio, balance, core, and weightlifting, providing her with a well-rounded work out, all while doing something she loves!

One of the best parts about going to the Social Dance Studio is the dance etiquette. Everyone asks everyone to dance and they are constantly rotating partners so everyone dances with everyone. She encourages all to try it. “Go for it! Take a risk, take the challenge. You may love it!” Your first class is free and the teachers are always welcoming of newcomers. Attend a class, meet people then check out one of their dances! And if you don’t want to do it alone, email Martha and she will share her love of dancing with all who desire to learn by going with you to your first lesson!

For more information about the Social Dance Studio, call 612-353-4445 or visit

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