REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK | Who’s next for St. Paul school board, as Varro leaves?


This afternoon, a press release from St. Paul Public Schools announced that Vallay Varro is leaving the school board post she won just a year ago. Varro will also resign her position as Education Policy Director for the City of Saint Paul, moving on to become the executive director of the Minnesota Campaign for Achievement Now (MinnCAN).

MinnCAN, which calls Varro “an education champion” in its press release, is set to launch early in 2011 as a non-profit advocate for education reform and part of a national 50CAN network.

According to the SPPS press release, state law requires the Board of Education to appoint a temporary replacement to fill Varro’s Board seat for the one year remaining on her term. Board chair Elona Street-Stewart said the Board expects to announce a process for filling the vacant seat at the regular Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, December 14.

When Al Oertwig resigned from the Board of Education in 2007, the board-approved procedure began with posting a vacancy, followed by a short deadline for receipt of applications, mailing an information packet to candidates, first and second rounds of interviews, and selection of the new board member within a month’s time.  

So what process will the Board of Education use this time around? And who’s likely to be a candidate for Varro’s school board position?