Rep. McCollum speaks out on Gaza, Israel violence


Rep. Betty McCollum called for an end to violence in the Gaza Strip late last week, adding her voice to those of Rep. Keith Ellison, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former Sen. Norm Coleman.

McCollum sits on the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State Department and Foreign Operations and the Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs.

In a statement, McCollum said:

The war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip is the final blow to any Middle East peace process. Palestinians are being killed in alarming numbers while Hamas continues to fire rockets at Israel. The time has come for both sides to end the rockets, end the bombings, and end the restrictions on food, medicine and fuel — all of which inflict intolerable harm on innocent civilians on both sides. The new U.S. president in partnership with European and Arab allies must work to leverage all available diplomatic and political pressure on all parties to end the violence and start a legitimate dialogue about a future path to real peace.