Rep. Joe Wilson unearths secret plot to provide undocumented immigrants with free health care


I guess Rep. “Joe” Wilson (R-S.C.) — actually, Addison Graves Wilson, Sr. — found out about that secret Democratic plot to provide all illegal immigrants with free health care.

What else could explain his outburst — “You Lie!” — during President Obama’s speech on health care reform (video), responding to the president’s statement that “the reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally”?

Perhaps Wilson believes that illegal immigrants ought not get emergency medical treatment, which is the only medical benefit they might qualify for — when they show up in a hospital on the verge of death, for example.

Or maybe it’s just because Wilson’s last campaign was supported by the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC — a restrictionist group that supports deporting all illegal immigrants in the United States rather than offering any opportunities for legalization, or “amnesty.”

ALIPAC gives Wilson an “A” for opposing “amnesties and ‘guest worker’ programs for illegal aliens along with other rewards such as in-state tuition and driver licenses.” I guess because he supports keeping them uneducated and untraceable if they get into a car accident.

Meanwhile, as MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann pointed out on his show tonight, Wilson has been writing op-eds spreading the rumor that Obama wants to install “death panels” to hasten the death of grandma.

So who’s lying?


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