Reichgott Junge Calls Congress to Fix Problems with Money Wiring


Less than a week before bank accounts belonging to money wiring companies are scheduled to close, Ember Reichgott Junge, the DFL candidate for the fifth congressional district, called for congress to fix problems with money transfer services widely used by immigrant communities in Minnesota.
In a flyer distributed throughout Somali malls this week, Reichgott Junge said that stopping money transfer services will create “crisis in the Somali community.”

By addressing this issue, Reichgott Junge becomes the first candidate in the crowded fifth district race, which’s home to a large immigrant community, to make this point publicly.

The flyer was partially written in Somali, describing Reichgott Junge as a “friend of the Somali community,” and “a trustworthy person.”

Asked if there were specific cases where Reichgott Junge earned the friendship of the Somali community, John Wodele, her campaign’s spokesperson said “To be frank with you, Ember has been a good friend of minority communities in general, and Somalis are one of them.”

This comes amid rumors that Somali American Democratic Association (SADA), a DFL-caucus is supporting Reichgott Junge’s campaign. But Yassin Ahmed, the chairperson of SADA, vehemently denied that, though he acknowledged that individual members of his organization are supporting her.

“This is politics, not a religion,” he said, referring to Ellison’s campaign, which Somalis are believed to be widely supporting, in part because he’s a Muslim. “Ellison didn’t approach us, but he needs us.”

Ahmed says his organization can’t – and will not – endorse a candidate until after primary day.