Ready to start a community garden?


South Minneapolis is known for community gardens in numerous neighborhoods. Are we ready to start a community garden in Corcoran this year?

An upcoming learning series, “Promoting Participation & Sharing Wisdom,” will equip gardeners to begin or improve a community garden. Perhaps you have some gardening skills, but need to learn the organizing and people skills needed to begin a community garden. Click here to learn more about the learning series, to be facilitated by Rachel Hefte, Extension Educator in Leadership & Civic Engagement with the University of Minnesota, and Ila Duntemann, Program Coordinator for Gardening Matters.. Courses will be held every-other Saturday beginning January 24 at Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA).

Are we ready to start a community garden in Corcoran this year? If you answered “Yes!” or “I hope so” to this question, please share your thoughts with Eric at CNO. According to Gardening Matters, at least ten interested people are usually needed to create and sustain a community garden project.

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