Reader favorites: Ten much-read stories of 2010


What makes a good news story? There are many different ways to measure that. Looking back on 2010, we’re highlighting stories that broke important news, and Daily Planet editor Mary Turck and I have each listed our personal favorite stories of the year. Reader interest is another good gauge of success; here are ten stories that may not have broken important news, but attracted a lot of reader interest.

Dayton Emmer

1. Recount for governor’s race, Democrats lose big in Minnesota legislature, nationally
by Mary Turck, November 3

Facing the prospect of another multi-month recount, Minnesotans were devouring any information they could get on this year’s tight election.

2. Immigration: An indigenous perspective
by Chris Mato Nunpa, September 5

Dakota scholar Chris Mato Nunpa listed some deleterious effects immigration has had on America—specifically, the immigration that began in 1492.

Busted Magazine

3. Busted Magazine: 20 pages of Twin Cities mug shots for just $1
by Jay Gabler, June 5

When I picked up a copy of this all-mug-shot magazine at a SuperAmerica, I was a little disturbed and very curious. Apparently I wasn’t the only one.

4. Crazy Heart director Scott Cooper: “Music is a very important part of my life”
by Jim Brunzell III, January 17

Jim Brunzell’s in-depth conversation with Scott Cooper attracted wide interest after Jeff Bridges won an Oscar for his leading role in Crazy Heart.

First Avenue

5. Insane Clown Posse at First Avenue: From the Juggalo tree-shaking to the grand Faygo-nale
by Bobby Kahn with photos by Meredith Westin, October 12

Bobby Kahn’s first Daily Planet article was this detail-rich account—with typically outstanding photos by Meredith Westin—of his Minneapolis encounter with the Detroit hip-hop duo. ICP’s fans, the infamous “Juggalos,” loved it.

Jason Yang protest

6. Grief and unanswered questions for the family of Jason Yang
by Sheila Regan, November 21

The tragic death of Jason Yang as he ran from Minneapolis police officers left local residents with a lot of questions and led to accusations of deceit, racism, ignorance, and irresponsibility. Sheila Regan helped our readers get to the bottom of things.

David Sedaris

7. David Sedaris shows his animal side at the State Theatre
by Natalie Gallagher, October 24

This link was shared hundreds of times on Facebook: fans of Sedaris enjoyed Natalie’s summary of the humorist’s typically entertaining appearance in Minneapolis. “If you don’t know who Elaine Stritch is, you’re not a homosexual. I don’t care if you’re a guy and…”

Sara Quin

8. Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara: Singing it to the sky
by Jay Gabler, March 16

Talking by phone with Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara, among my all-time favorite music artists, would have been one of the highlights of my year even if we just exchanged small talk about the duo’s Orpheum Theatre gig—but as it happened, we had a great conversation about life, love, and t-shirts.

Easy A

9. Golden Globe nominations: Lots of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant
by Jim Brunzell III, December 15

Jim Brunzell’s weekly film blog, “The Optimistic Pessimist,” was a fantastic new addition to our arts coverage this year. Jim’s opinionated take on the Golden Globe nominations attracted a national readership.

Minneapolis map

10. November election will change Minneapolis School Board
by David Kaplan, February 22

The politics surrounding school board elections may seem wonky and boring—unless you have a child in public school, or care about how Minneapolis children are educated. Months before the 2010 election, David Kaplan explained what was at stake this year.