The Rasta Bard Returns


That rascal and good buddy of mine, David Daniels the Rasta Bard, returns. Doesn’t have quite the same ring as The Wolfman Walks Again or The Mummy Makes It Back, but, it’ll still be worth sitting down to. With popcorn and soda. Well, at Corner Coffee, I s’pose the fare would be more along the lines of quiche and fancy water. Bottom line, they’re having me back and Dave’s sitting in. For a couple numbers. Performing his trademark, uniquely crafted poetic prose.

It’ll be for me, as we used to say way back when, a gas. A personal pleasure and professional privilege (say that without tripping over your tongue) to share part of the set with my friend and, incidentally, a dyed-in-the-wool maverick who’s carved out an incredible career of counter-culture artistry. In rustic parlance of old, Y’all come, ‘cause it’ll be a hot time.

Elsewise, things continue looking up.

Culling a CD, Dwight Hobbes Live, from past Corner Coffee gigs. Likely to be edited and mastered by Greg Harder of Harder Productions (we’ll see, nailing that down just now).

Papyrus Publishing, Inc. has on its schedule to hit the stands this year Something I Said, a book of topical essays by yours truly.

All considered, things these days ain’t goin’ half bad.

Singer-songwriter Dwight Hobbes with special guest David Daniels at Corner Coffee, May 13th, 514 No. 3rd St. in Minneapolis’s Warehouse District. Noon to 1PM. No cover, all ages.