Ramadan, the holiest and most personal month of the year


by Shazad Juman • 9/9/08 • Ramadan, which is under way right now, is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar and observed by Muslims who fast from sunrise to sunset.

The month varies in length and time of year since it is based on the phase of the moon and the lunar, rather than solar, calendar. Besides fasting, Muslims during Ramadan are suppose to pray more than their usual five times a day, refrain from sins, and do good deeds such as giving money to charities and food to the poor. Ramadan is a personal experience for everyone. For me, not eating or drinking all day gives a sense of modesty and deep thought to those who may not have regular meals.

During the holy month, Muslims from all over the world find peace and unity with each other. At my college, the Muslim community is extremely diverse. Students from every walk of life all sit together at one table to have their evening meal and break their fast. For a month, we all share a common hunger and desire to be as free from sin as possible. There can’t be a better feeling of oneness knowing that we all suffer and flourish at the same time.