Raking in the leaves


In years past I have not looked on the task of raking the fall leaves with much relish. We have one very large tree on our small city lot that is the bane of our existence. Honestly it is so hard to keep 2 places maintained, especially when one is a vegetable producing farm. Anyway I digress. I haven’t looked on leaves with much relish. But this year the children have. It certainly helps that the weather has stayed warm so it is fun to have the experience of playing barefoot in the leaves.

Mavis loved throwing them up in the air and letting them fall on her head. The children had been begging to please go play in the leaves. So finally yesterday was the day.

Two liked the big boy job of raking. Avril tried to help but with one rake it was all getting too complicated.

So Avril developed her own method. Very resourceful.

Mommy did finally have to step in to help get the pile going. Then the fun really began. They buried each other, pretended they were mummies emerging from the leaves, ran and played tag and begged mommy to come lie in the leaves with them.

Finally I succumbed.

Maybe that tree isn’t so bad after all. Have you taken the time to enjoy the leaves?