Rain Taxi sells nudie book to raise cash


by Jay Gabler • The chaplain’s let unthread, his bleeding goads / Alight to fight Christ’s blessing, thrice succumb / Or rejoined to compounds that spray the pose / Who lacking that display not clothes, just hose.

Merry Christmas! A signed copy of The Nude Formalism, a book of poetry by Charles Bernstein, is currently going for just $14.95 in the Rain Taxi online benefit auction. Other items among the dozens on sale include signed books by John Ashbery, Jonathan Lethem, Joe Sacco, and—natch—Garrison Keillor; as well as rare (well, relatively rare) promo copies of books by Barack Obama and Stephen Colbert. Many items are well within holiday-gift budget range, even in these tight times: $20 and under.

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Rain Taxi is a nationally-read book review based in South Minneapolis. The non-profit publication is perhaps best known locally for sponsoring an annual book fair. Ron Silliman, whose poetry blog is a favorite in litcrit circles, says that “there is more in the way of good material in a single issue of Rain Taxi than in an entire year of the NYT Book Review.”

All the more reason to bid up that hot nude poetry.

Published on 12/18/08. Correction 12/20: Rain Taxi is not based in the Open Book Building, as this blog entry originally stated.