Race and stupidity


Most-read and most-commented articles this week focused on race, schools and politics. (Where’s the stupidity? Wait for it …)

The winner, by a large margin, was Racial mockery at Hopkins High sparks outrage; Black student handcuffed by Harry Colbert, Jr. over at Insight News. Thousands of readers, and lots of comments on whether “Ghetto Spirit Day” was inherently racist. Here’s a sample (some edited for length and clarity)

Everybody keeps making excuses: that’s not racial. … It’s disgusting how some of u think. The rapper clearly doesn’t dress the way they did, and who do u think they are referring to when they are dressing ghetto? They were even warned, and it was already considered racial harassment, yet no action was taken, not even a demerit or a citation.

I’m sorry, I didn’t get the memo that certain clothing was limited to certain races. Those two students must feel a lot of privilege if they feel they can be the school’s fashion police.

Your point about “I didn’t get the memo that certain clothing was limited to certain races” is a true statement. However when someone makes a decision to use either the manner of dress, the speech or whatever of a person, social or cultural group and use it as mockery, then it is wrong. I think that it takes a certain amount of illiteracy to stoop to that level.

Don’t confuse the issue. There is nothing wrong with people dressing a certain way, but when those people dress that way for the purpose of mocking a certain group of people, it’s wrong. Had the white kids discussed in this article dressed that way everyday, there would be no article. This is only an issue because it appears these kids dressed that way for the purpose of making fun of a certain race or classification of people.  

Sound interesting? Go on and read the article and join in the discussion. Another article near the top of the chart, though it was published less than 24 hours ago, is Another principal on leave in Minneapolis: New focus of racial tensions at Green Central Park.

Then there’s stupidity — I promised to get to that. Caucuses are stupid got lots of comments, many because people hated the headline. And yet, without that headline, how many people would have clicked and read the column?

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