Qwest is upgrading


by Ann Treacy | September 3, 2009 • Thanks to Ann Higgins for the heads up on Qwest’s big upgrade. Word is Qwest has purchased equipment from Alcatel-Lucent that will eventually allow their long-haul network to achieve speeds up to 100 Gbps. Unfortunately, this improvement only applies to businesses that use Qwest’s fiber-based long-haul network to connect data centers.

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the same article:

Qwest reports that Internet traffic doubles every 19 months and there is 43% more bandwidth consumption by users this year over last year. Qwest sees this purchase as preparation for these future demand increases.

So Qwest is planning for 100 Gbps and yesterday I reported that the otherbig providers are campaigning for lower speed definitions of broadband. What’s up?

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I have to think that they’re all upgrading their networks. I’ve heard and read from folks who say – pretty much they’re all planning for and/or moving to fiber. (Mobile broadband might be the exception but I think that’s a completely different game.)

So why are we wasting our time creating goals that are so far out of that league? Are we buying time? Are we creating a policy that promotes a digital divide? Are we creating a policy that will be meaningless?