Public against one


Many people call Great Britain home, many people from different backgrounds, and ethnicities all have different stories to tell. Stories that should be bright, knowledgeable, and memorable; However for Muslim people these days their stories contain events of how they dodge beer bottles, snowballs, and other objects. Everyday life has come to everyday fear, where the police do not bother helping individuals with their complaint let alone try to follow up on their issue.

Mohamed Ali was walking home one night from the university he attends when a car with many passengers decided to throw several beer bottles towards his direction with the intent of hurting him. Ali managed to get away by escaping into an off license convenient store. The owners shared with him that they themselves have to keep a samurai knife just to protect themselves. The storeowners suggested Ali call a taxi because walking is not safe, they assured him that they would make another round. In a country whose main transportation is to take the city bus as well as to walk, it seems as though life is getting harder and harder as the objects being thrown at Muslims get dangerous by the seconds. “


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It’s an everyday thing for people to get hurt” Ali stated. Its not only on the streets that Muslims are hurt or humiliated, companies such as a clothing store may follow a group of Muslims after spotting them it is not clear what the intentions of those company employees are, but it is clear that they don’t treat others with the same amount of disrespect they do when they spot Muslim people. 

O2 is an entertainment arena that holds many different entertainment venues. Upon entering the arena people may be asked to go through a security check. However it seems as though that the people who are frequently asked to go through the security checks are different groups of Muslim families, friends, students, or individuals. An O2 employee stated that ” That the Security checks are random and are not specifically targeted at one group of people, or people of different backgrounds. The whole reason is to protect the private company as well as to provide the best level of entertainment to the people who visit O2.” Another O2 employee simple keep asking one of the Muslim girls “to look at his name and the position he was put under.” The only thing the Muslim girl could do was to shake her head. She went on to tell him ” It makes no difference which name you have or where it’s from, you know this check is targeted at us no matter what your script tell you to say.”  After the girls went through the check they discussed how no matter what you do or how innocent you seem it makes no difference because they fear the hijab.”

Fear controls people, fear targets people, and we treat ourselves as though the other is from a different planet. They are treated as though they don’t have the same amount of cells, DNA count, and brain waves, we are human and the actions of others should not be blamed on the a group of people who look or wear the same amount of cloths that person does. The world may be progressing in to a new time of greatness, but it seems as though that we still thinking as if we are in the past. The past that disrespects others, that thinks that one race is superior to the other, and that crime has been done by the whole group instead of just one. It does not seem as though we are improving for the better and because of that many people are getting hurt no matter the gender, race, background, or age group. For Great Britain all one can say is open your eyes to the wrong that is being done toward the Muslim Citizens of Britain, and go towards a change that demands respect of all people. 

British Muslim Citizens seem as though they do not have the support of their government behind them when an event occurs, it is as if the country blames the Muslim group for all that is going on in the world today.  They feel as though the globe treats all Muslims like that no matter where they reside. However as a Muslim American residing in Minnesota that is from the suburbs, life isn’t as unfair as the media portrays. America does protect people’s rights under the constitution, which also involves religion and the freedom to practice it.  In many ways people from other countries speak of freedom that no one has, but in reality aside from what happened in history America is improving their way of equality. I just wished that parts of the world would do the same and wake up from all they wish to ignore and take the role to make the world a better place.

My experience in Great Britain was a good one, but also led me to see how lucky I am to be an American even though at times it may not seems as though I am. But it takes one visit outside my wall to assure that I am a Minnesotan: that I don’t have to fear speaking my mind, or practicing my beliefs.