Protesters arrested, petitioning MLB owners to move the All-Star Game


In Minneapolis at the 601 Graves Hotel, Major League Baseball owners met, and were confronted by immigration activists opposed to Arizona’s SB 1070, the controversial “show your papers” law. Activists moved into the Hotel’s lobby with 110,000 signatures to urge the All-Star Game move, and sat down to be arrested.

“We’ll wait for Bud Selig,” they said, when really they only had to wait 5 minutes for the Minneapolis Police. The petitions never got to the baseball owners, but went downtown with the five arrested protesters.

The protest began with several speeches, including Minneapolis City Councilman Cameron Gordon. Then I interviewed Nick Espinosa, the famous Tom Emmer “penny dropper” about why immigration reform is so personally important to him : His dad was deported.

While we spoke, a group of baseball owners and official walked by. Espinosa tries to talk to them, but they just ignored him. Almost one-third of baseball players are immigrants, perhaps the owners will listen to them?