“Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: The Musical”: Queen of disapointment


Sitting at the Orpheum watching Priscilla*
Gaudy set and costumes burn my eyes
l feel a little awkward
So many nearly naked guys
But I swallow my pride
And wait for an emotional plot
But this, ladies and gentleman
Priscilla demonstrated not

It all started with the laughing at a funeral
What the heck?
I feel like I’m watching a train wreck.

Making dirty jokes
And dirty jokes
And more dirty jokes…
Okay, this is getting pretty annoying.
I’m sure drag queens have better things to do than make dirty jokes all day.

Oh and look!
It’s an over-average sized woman who’s the blunt of a joke
I’ve covered this before 
I’ll stop this rant before flames are stoked.

If I were one who goes to the theatre looking for a mindless and careless laugh
I may have enjoyed this show quite more
However, the plot looked up in the second half

I felt real concern and actual fear
At the abuse of poor Felicia*
There’s an actual emotion here.
As well as a large splash of reality.

Wait. But then… what is this? 
A ridiculous unidentifiable accent with a stupid attention hog personality
About half the age of her husband
Wearing only a bikini under an apron
And now flouncing around on a stage
Wait… What is she doing?
This is so awful I’ve temporarily lost the ability to rhyme.

“Pop Muzik” excepting, I must give credit where it’s due
The music was catchy and made me tap my shoes
And on that, Divas,* I congratulate you.

Parts of this were good, I suppose you could say.
But would I see this again?
There’s no way.