Primary elections today in St. Paul


Tuesday is Primary Election Day in St. Paul. There are only primaries in Wards 2, 4, 5, and 7.

Here is a quick
link to all 17 SPED videos
that have been posted to YouTube so far and more.

We have 17 candidates (current & past) who have videos. They are Tom Conlon, Anne Carroll, David Haas, Sharon Anderson, Lee Helgen, Kathy Lantry, Keith Hardy, Kevin Riach, Kazoua Kong-Thao, Christine VanTassel, Jim Casci, Melvin Carter III, Bernie Hesse, Pakou Hang, Bill Dahn, Russ Stark, and Jennette Gudgel.

See below, our CURRENT LIST of candidates and contact information:

Ward 1
Deborah Montgomery, 651-266-8610, 651-343-4443,
Melvin Carter III 651-489-3567,,

Ward 2
Dave Thune, 651-224-4457,,
Sharon Anderson,,
Bill Dahn,,,
Bill Hosko, 651-222-4767,,
Fran Zamb,

Ward 3
Pat Harris, 651-266-8630,,
Gerald Mischke,

Ward 4
Russ Stark, 651-646-8472,,
Gregory Groettum, 651-917-3034,
Terrance Bushard,

Ward 5
Lee Helgen, 651-488-1850,,
David Haas,
Warren Anderson, 651-210-5738,

Ward 6
Dan Bostrom, 651-233-4648,,,
Pakou Hang, 651-283-4621, 651-442-8689,,,

Ward 7
Kathy Lantry, 651-266-8670, ,,
Jim Casci, 651-578-2474,
Janine Kelley, 651-735-6846

Tom Conlon, 651-699-7399,,
Anne Carroll, 651-690-9156,,
Kazoua Kong-Thao, 651-238-1869,,
Keith Hardy, 651-497-8924,,
Kevin Riach, 651-494-2530,,
Jennette Gudgel,, 651-699-1937
Rik Mulkern,, 651-776-5338
David Peterson,, 651-227-1470
Bernard Ruppert,