Press releases of the day: Black mold and Spud Too Tight


by Jay Gabler | February 27, 2009 • Mary was hoping I’d write about the Ducks Unlimited press release announcing that the Marsh Lake chapter has received “elite” status…but there are two much more entertaining press releases in my box today.

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From Missing Link Music of Hoboken, New Jersey comes the announcement that local producer/composer Spud Too Tight has debuted a new R&B music style: Drag & Push. The press release is full of quotes praising Spud (“he benefits greatly for having his own ‘edgy groove,'” “Spud Too Tight is a unique talent…the future of what music will sound like in ten or twenty years is in the hands, heads, hearts and souls of guys like Spud Too Tight”), but doesn’t say much about what exactly is new about Drag & Push. You can hear Spud’s sound (slow jams and AutoTune, not exactly a mix that screams thinking outside the box) on his MySpace, but a YouTube search for his name suggests that the staff at Missing Link have their work cut out for them in the branding department.

Meanwhile, Michael Roland Williams of Dallas has issued notification that his new documentary about black mold exposure (title: Black Mold Exposure) will soon premiere in seven U.S. cities. No Minnesota city is among them, but the press release doesn’t lead one to believe that we’re missing out on a future Oscar nominee. The film follows Williams and his girlfriend Karen Noseff—whom D Magazine, we’re informed, recently named one of the ten most beautiful women in Dallas—as they “struggle to regain their livelihood and well-being after unknowing exposure to high levels of various molds that infested Karen’s apartment.”

“There’s a lot of people, including experts and people in the general public, that think mold can’t cause illness,” says Williams, but “it made me and Karen allergic to the entire world.” Their careers disrupted by the effects of the toxic mold, Williams and Noseff nonetheless kept themselves busy: Noseff developed “a premium denim line adorned by many Hollywood celebrities” while Williams holed up in Noseff’s grandmother’s living room and made his movie.

If your curiosity is piqued but you’re not sure you’re ready for a road trip to Chicago (the nearest screening site), check out the film’s Web site, where you can download wallpaper and buddy icons (does anyone who’s not a mold-infected conspiracy theorist actually use AIM any more?) and watch a dramatic trailer in which Noseff tearfully covers her couch in Saran Wrap.

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Image courtesy Looking Glass Entertainment