Press release of the day: There will be dogs


by Jay Gabler

This week I received an e-mail sent on behalf of the Guthrie Theater and the Hennepin Theatre Trust, letting me know that “Annie, playing at the Orpheum Theatre Feb. 12-14, and The Two Gentlemen of Verona, playing at the Guthrie Theater Jan. 24-March 29, both feature dogs in their shows. Just wanted to throw that out there.”

So now you know: There will be dogs. Specifically, a mixed-breed named Mikey (Annie) and an airdale mutt named Wyatt (Two Gentlemen). No word on their understudies.

Update 1/29/09: This just in from Sarah Johnson at the Hennepin Theatre Trust: “I checked for you—there is indeed an understudy for the Annie dog. His name is Oliver.” Sorry, no photo of Oliver. Understudies always get the shaft.

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Published on 1/28/09. Photos by Peter Coombs (Mikey) and Ann Marsden (Wyatt).