Press release of the day: Via Tania, by the book


As though she’d read my blog entry on how to get attention for your band, Alexandra Baker at High Rise PR just sent a fantastic e-mail press release about Via Tania, who caught my notice earlier when she posed as a post-pop Pocahontas. This time there’s another great image, seemingly designed to catch the eyes of bookish media types. The e-mail notes where and when Via Tania is next playing (at Joe’s Pub in New York, oh well), provides a link to download a five-song sampler, and offers copies of the album and admittance to the gig at request. (No link to the artist’s Web site, though—I had to look that up.) I’m honestly not blown away by what I’ve heard so far, but nonetheless I’m going to request a copy of the album—and when it comes, I won’t ignore it.

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