Press release of the day: Feather ticklers and seduction sashes


by Jay Gabler

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It wasn’t my impression that most people interested in playing spin-the-bottle have $259 to burn, but the W Minneapolis apparently disagrees. For Valentine’s Day (and, just for good measure, through St. Patrick’s Day as well), the hotel is offering a “Feel the Wuv” package. For those two and a half Benjamins, you and your main squeeze get to spend a night in the Foshay—with late checkout, wink wink nudge nudge. The press release announcing the offer suggests that you “get your party a deux started with a cocktail or two in W’s swanky Prohibition skybar”—Martinis not included in package price—and notes that couples feeling the Wuv will find their rooms stocked with the following would-be aphrodisiacs: a bottle of bubbly, a box of chocolates, and “the erotic Jimmyjane SPIN ME spin the bottle game with feather tickler and seduction sash.” The press release is illustrated with a bizarre graphic featuring a disembodied pair of women’s legs emerging from a W. Is the estate of Dalí getting royalties for this?

I imagine that any disappointment the front desk staff feel about having to spend their Valentine’s Day at work will be allayed by the infinite amusement they’ll enjoy imagining all those couples up there chasing one another with feather ticklers, and there are bound to be one or two emergency calls involving seduction-sash mishaps. If the staff can keep their faces straight, they should be tipped well for their discretion.

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Published on 1/30/09.