Preaching and arresting for health care


Reverend Grant Stevenson normally delivers his sermon at St. Mathew’s Lutheran Church in St. Paul. This morning, he preached to more than 100 people in front of UnitedHealth, the nation’s largest private health insurer. His topic had roots deep in the bible and social justice. “If they (UnitedHealth) win, the people who you care about, the people standing here, the people who you want to have health care will lose. “We need to send a message that it is not OK to profit on other people’s misery. It is not OK to profit on other people’s despair. It is not OK to profit when other people are living in fear and anxiety and not knowing they’re actually going to get the basic care that they’re going to need.”

For additional coverage, see Minnesota Independent article.

Protesters carried small green signs with names of people who had died or were suffering because they could not afford or were refused health care insurance. Six people sat down in the doorway of UnitedHealth and refused to move. Police warned the six and then arrested them. They were taken away peacefully. Here are the six who were arrested: -Anna Brelje (Political Director, Mpls Regional Labor Federation) – Pamela Twiss (Program and Organizing Director, TakeAction Minnesota) – Julie Schnell (President, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota) – Sean Anderson (Organizer with SEIU Local 26) – Diane Brennan (Small Business Owner, Grandmother and ISAIAH Leader) – Mary Rosenthal (SEIU Healthcare Minnesota and former UnitedHealth Group employee).

Video by Amy Cooper and Carl Rosen

Edited by Mike McIntee