Pre-emptive police raids on protesters, journalists


Protesters, journalists and old-style hippies were among the targets in the first 24 hours of police raids in preparation for the Republican National Convention.

Sheriff Bob Fletcher claimed that his operation targets only the RNC Welcoming Committee, a local anarchist protest group. However, police also targeted journalists from I-Witness video and a family traveling in a green bus and demonstrating environmentally-friendly practices such as solar panels, hydroponics and composting.

Here’s a run-down of articles and videos from the first day of RNC 2008.

The first raid:
Convergence Center at 627 Smith Avenue, St. Paul on Friday night at 9:15 p.m.
Police break down doors in night-time raid on anarchist meeting

Saturday morning raids:
Ramsey County Sheriff raids homes in South Minneapolis Twin Cities Daily Planet
3240 17th Avenue South, Minneapolis
See also: City inspectors board up raided home for “code violations” Molly Priesmeyer reports for the Minnesota Independent.

2301 23rd Avenue South, Minneapolis (Bread Not Bombs)
3500 Harriet Avenue South, Minneapolis
Smith and Wyoming Streets in St. Paul (Wellness Center)

Rally at Powderhorn Park

Saturday afternoon raids:
949-951 Iglehart Avenue, St. Paul
1471 Marshall Avenue, St. Paul
Journalists targeted by FBI in St. Paul Twin Cities Daily Planet

Press conference at the Convergence Center
MnIndy Video: RNC Welcoming Committee unbowed by raids

MnIndy Video: Anti-RNC activists respond to police raids, convergence space reopens

Saturday evening
Cretin Avenue exit, eastbound, Interstate 94 Twin Cities Daily Planet

And more …
Partial transcript of search warrant

“Weapons and devices?” Conflicting accounts from sheriff, lawyers