COMMUNITY VOICES | Powder puff elections


A lot of comment has been made about how “civilized” this mayoral election has been.  I do think it is progress when personal insults are considered beyond the pale. But there are definitely negative aspects of the history of some candidates that need to be considered in voting. I think pretty much across the board, the local media have backed off from discussing these things.  Just one example is the union endorsement of candidates.  The firemen’s union angrily switch to Mark Andrew when Garry Schiff dropped out. The media could have done a great investigative piece on that. But nothing.  The simple fact is that a large percentage, perhaps the majority, of the endorsing unions are suburban residents.  They want to influence a city they refuse to live in.  I don’t think most voters are conscious of this. I expect media to do the necessary education.  In fact, in some issues, the wealthy and the  unions are allies, not adversaries. How can we cast an intelligent vote if the appearance of working people backing the favorites of the suburban wealthy is not examined.


Our metro media needs to do a lot more than patting candidates on the head for avoiding sticky issues.


Jim Mork

Minneapolis, Minnesota

40 year resident and taxpayer