Postman in Shangri-La



Director: YU ZHONG

An ordinary postman working in a remote area of the Chinese interior sets out on a most extraordinary mission in this amazing story of humble commitments to a job. Dedicated postal carrier, Wang Dahe spends most of his days over two decades weighed down by letters as he navigates treacherous mountain paths with his donkey in order to ensure that mail reaches the remote villages of Muli in a timely fashion.

The work may be exhausting, but Wang Dahe can always be counted upon to get the job done. Returning home after a particularly grueling day in the thin mountain air, Wang Dahe is approached by his boss to deliver three urgent letters: The first is a notifi cation to a township to cease cutting trees, the second, an announcement to elderly cataract sufferers that they can now visit doctors in the nearby town, and the third, an acceptance letter informing a young girl that she has been admitted to college. While the first two letters pose Wang Dahe few problems, the frustrated mail carrier must locate the young girl whose entire future is dictated by the letter currently in his pouch.

(In Chinese w/Eng. subtitles)


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