Poll Shocker: Rowley within striking distance of Kline


Not one, but two polls show that challenger Coleen Rowley has closed to almost “margin of error” distance of Congressman John Kline in Minnesota’s 2nd District.

Kline: 48%
Rowley: 42%
Undecided: 13%

The above poll was done by statewide DFL candidates. The numbers here are from Senate District 38 (Eagan/Burnsville) but reportedly the numbers are similar in other SD’s across Kline’s district.

Another poll, done by the Rowley campaign, reportedly shows a slightly larger lead for Kline, but the difference is still in the single digits. Reportedly the poll shows that a significant number of Republicans who plan to go to the polls will not vote for Kline.

Kline is in trouble, which would explain the glossy attack ads he has been mailing and running in the local newspapers.

A special note: the only SD that has “hard” poll numbers available, SD 38, is the home of Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty. The Republican Party Chair in that district is Michael Brodkorb who runs the blog “Minnesota Democrats Exposed”. Brodkorb has devoted considerable time and energy to posting half-truths about candidates in MN 5th Congressional District. His latest attempts to smear Congressional Candidates Keith Ellison and Tim Walz were so lacking in credibility that most media in Minnesota has stopped quoting his blog.

I’ve heard reports that Republicans in SD 38 have not been happy with Brodkorb’s limelight seeking. These latest poll results give them even more reason to be unhappy with Mr. Brodkorb’s performance as Republican Party Chair. Perhaps a little more time running the party and a little less time spent mudslinging would be beneficial to the Republican locals.