Police arrest key robbery suspect


On Feb. 1, Minneapolis Police arrested an individual believed to be responsible for a number of recent robberies in South Minneapolis in the 3rd precinct. Since mid-January, there have been 13 robberies in which persons were approached while parking their vehicles at home in residential neighborhoods by one or two Black males armed with a gun. In some cases, it is believed the suspects were parking their vehicle(s) on the street and waiting for a target of opportunity.
Arrested was Ebrahim Mohammed, 22, and he has confessed to investigators his involvement in five robberies in the 3rd precinct.

Minneapolis Police are currently looking for additional persons, vehicles and other evidence, but are confident that this arrest, and the investigation when complete, will resolve the robbery pattern in the 3rd precinct.

The last robbery in this pattern occurred on Jan. 31 at approximately 5:15 p.m. Police will continue to deploy extra officers in uniform and plain clothes in the 3rd precinct until all suspects are identified and arrested.

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