Polar Plunge


Now that our temps are no longer plunging, we have gone for a walk 3 days in a row and we can finally see some grass mixed in with the mud it is easier to talk about what feels like a perpetual winter. This year my sister did the “Polar Plunge” for those of you who do not know this plunge involves hacking a hole in the ice of an otherwise frozen lake and jumping in.

Some of you not from Minnesota might wonder Why? as my children did. For charity of course. The proceeds from this years plunge goes to special olympics

I have never known anyone who has done this before and in support and curiosity we made it a priority to go support her.

Here’s what the scene looks like at Lake Calhoun on a semi-warm day in March, though the ice was still solid.

We don’t have many pictures because our task was to take the video.

She’s the one on the end. She said her head went all the way under. Chilling in the hot tub afterwards. That’s where the children got their interest in hottubs. Thank goodness winter is over.