Please weep for us, Argentina!


In the last few years of the Cold War, a theory circulated through the foreign affairs establishment in this country that went by the name “Convergence.”

According to this theory, as the Cold War staggered on into the new millennium, the Soviet Union and the United States would come to resemble each other more and more – would see their political, economic, and social systems “converge.”

Well, we all know how that one worked out. But in retrospect, it may simply be that the foreign affairs experts had chosen the wrong country to match against the United States. If, instead of the late, unlamented Soviet Union, they had chosen Argentina, the colorful, somewhat shabby republic at the tip of South America, they would have been closer to the mark. It’s not the Soviet Union converging with the U.S. It’s Argentina. Or at least the Argentina we used to know and love of military coups, Nazi fugitives, dirty wars and widescale “disappearances.”