The Picnic: Offleash Area’s dance performance coming soon to a garage near you


This September, my garage (at 4244 24th Ave. S.) will be turned into a small theater. Offleash Area, an award-winning contemporary dance and theater company, will bring lights, a set, sound equipment, risers, and chairs for a weekend run of their production The Picnic. Performances are Sept. 7 and 8, 7:00 p.m., and Sept. 9, 2:00 p.m.

The Picnic is a one-hour dance performance about a dog and bird who meet in a city park and fall in love. It is a tale of a love that spans the unending cycle of the seasons. The Picnic features an original music score by the Willie August Project jazz trio and high-energy movement. Live painting and moving pieces help to change the scenery. The performance is very family friendly.

This performance is part of Offleash Area’s annual Neighborhood Garage Tour. I’m inviting everyone in Standish and Ericsson to attend. The performance is free, but Offleash Area ( accepts donations. Please call 724-7372 to request reservations. There will be refreshments and conversation after each show.

I’m excited to offer this experience to my Standish and Ericsson neighbors. I’ve lived here for eight years, and it is the center of our family life. I’m continually exploring creative ways to “build neighborhood.”

When Offleash Area sent out a call for garage performance places, I leaped at the opportunity to participate. I hope to see you in my garage in September!