Photo Essay: Dog Days at the Dome


The big dog’s tongue slapped up against my camera lens with a wet thwack. 

Having said his hello, the bully breed sprinted down the Metrodome councourse, manically sniffing his large, small and mid-sized canine pals.

I wish my lens and shutter finger had been fast enough to have caught that moment, but – despite the central subjects’ high speeds – I managed to catch a number of other decent shots at this winter’s last Dog Days at the Dome. The event attracted a large crowd of dogs and their caretakers on Thursday, March 5.

Many good-natured large dogs were there, such as this grey Great Dane.


A Great Dane surveyed the scene.

There was a designated Small Dog Area, although it seemed to go almost completely unused. Instead, the dozens of small dogs who came mixed in the main concourse with their larger peers.

There was a Small Dog Area.

Some of the small dogs — like my rather timid Bichon-Poodle mix, Scoops — were a bit scared by all the commotion, and so they sought refuge along the sidelines. This nice couple lathered scared little Scoopers with affection and love. 

Scoops was helped by strangers.

Other small dogs, like this rambunctious Corgi, wholeheartedly threw themselves into the festivities.

A happy Corgi on the concourse.

When the action got to be too much, many owners picked up their charges for a break.

Cradling her charge.

With an entry fee of only $1 per dog and free parking, the Podium Sports Marketing-sponsored event offered a rather cheap way for people to create happy memories.

Girl and her dog bonding.

Shelly Newberg, with her 7-year-old Shih Tzu Oscar, also came to support The Pet Project‘s pet food drive. The nonprofit  helps keep financially struggling folks with their pets by giving them pet food, basic supplies and access to medical care.

Shelly Newber with Oscar.

This little girl was concerned about her wandering Daschund:

Girl looks for her Daschund.

But she was soon distracted by this more wolfish, smiling new friend.

Girl checks out a new dog.

Neiko, a handsome Harlequin Great Dane, took a much-deserved drink break.

Great Dane takes a drink.

 Backdropped by the Metrodome’s Vikings flair, these two big dogs shared a kiss.

Two big dogs kiss.

By the end of the evening, Scoops was tuckered out, but he was quite happy about the adventure.

Our family (that’s Mark below) wouldn’t hesitate to return for another Dog Days at the Dome.

Scoops was tired but happy.