Performing arts gift wish list


Still looking for holiday gift ideas? Try this entirely arbitrary list of ideas.

For Advent/Christmas Music Lovers

Tickets to SPCO’s Messiah concerts.

For Bluegrass & Bible Lovers

Tickets to the Guthrie’s Jonah and the Whale: A New Musical.

For Circus and Acrobatics Lovers

Tickets to the Pippin Broadway tour.

For Classical Music Aficionados

Tickets to VocalEssence’s PDQ Bach/Peter Schickele Birthday Bash concert.

For Date Night

Two ArtShare memberships at the Southern Theater. Unlimited shows and tremendous variety, all for $18/month/person!

For People who Love Beer, Subversive Theatre, and Long-Term Investments

An Unlimited Beer ‘Til 2020 package at the Bedlam Theatre.

For People who Love Theatre Tons

A Fringe Festival UltraPass for unlimited admission as long as Fringe runs.

For People who Want to Make Critics Named Basil Happy

Stage The Last Five Years before the movie comes out.

For People who Want to Make Critics Named Basil Unhappy

Don’t sing in tune.

For People You’re Still Speaking to After Thanksgiving

Cantus’s A Harvest Home CD.

For Readers of Spy Thrillers

Tickets to Minnesota Opera’s world premiere of The Manchurian Candidate.

For Star and Dance Lovers

Tickets to Borealis Dance’s The Night Before Christmas show this winter or Past Forward show this spring.

For Theatre Producers who Need a New Idea

Site-specific production on one of the Twin Cities Metro Area’s umpteen frozen lakes this winter. Hint: Short is a virtue when your audience is standing there shivering! Add some audience-interactive components to help keep them warm. Bonus points if it involves beards, ice fishing, skating, and lutefisk.