WEDNESDAY PICK | “The Peanut Butter Solution” makes for a sticky situation at the Trylon Microcinema


Sometimes you’re watching a movie and you start thinking about all the people involved in it. There must have been a writer, and a director, and a set designer, and an entire production team. Did any of them realize just how…weird this movie is? With the strangest movies, it’s hard to know. Such is the case with The Peanut Butter Solution, a 1985 Canadian film that Jezebel calls “the most horrifying film of all time”—despite the fact that it’s intended to be a light family comedy. (Maybe the songs by Celine Dion had something to do with it.)

Young Michael has a run-in with ghosts who scare the hair right off of him, but then helpfully suggest a cure: painting peanut butter on his head, which works all too well. See The Peanut Butter Solution on April 25 at the Twin Cities’ best movie theater as part of the Trylon Microcinema’s Trash Film Debauchery series. Here’s the scariest fact about this cult classic: Jif actually paid to be the peanut butter Michael paints on his head.