Pay no attention to the person(s) behind the curtain


Amy Cadler Green

2414 Park Avenue

If Mr. Ellison were not a threat to the comfortable career elected-officials who seem to forget, “why” they were sent to Washington in the first place, would he be the recipient of such vitriol?

The candidates, media, and voters should focus on the issues, and not the verbal sleight-of-hand, designed to redirect their attention. Much has been made of his race, and religion, instead of his record in the Minnesota House of Representatives. His message and passion rise above the chorus of rhetoric, and predictable packaged sound bites.

If there were more independent, progressive thinking folk in Washington, more concerned with mending fences, instead of building them, the USA might improve its image around the world.

As a Jew, I have no whims whatsoever casting another vote for Mr. Ellison.