Patrick Henry’s Community Listening Campaign


Over the next three months Patrick Henry will be interviewing parents and community members at schools, businesses and other community facilities to get their opinions on the critical issues that affect Patrick Henry. The knowledge that we gain will help us implement new programs, and make program enhancements and changes to better serve our community. We strive to show our community the respect they deserve by asking for their thoughts, opinions and comments about improving our school.

Community Listening Campaign questions: What do you know about Patrick Henry? What are the strengths of our school? What do we value about Patrick Henry? What are Patrick Henry’s weaknesses or disadvantages? Where are opportunities for us to improve? What are ways in which we should implement change? What would you like to see changed? What are examples from other schools/businesses that we can learn from? Would you recommend a student to Patrick Henry? Why or why not? What issues threaten our school and what we value? What could cause trouble for our school?

If you would like to be included in the Community Listening Campaign contact Tom Murray at 668-1932 or tom.murray@  For several years we have surveyed parents about their experience at Patrick Henry. Google us at Patrick Henry today and click on the Families link to view that survey data.