Homewords bloggers reflect on ending homelessness and why we believe in home. We are staff, volunteers and congregational partners with Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative. We write from many viewpoints – from policy to personal experience, our varied faith traditions to everyday encounters. Continue Reading

MN Latinos

Emilia G. Avalos. Mexicana immigrant born in Mexico City, raised in Irapuato, Gto. and Minnesota.Immigrant rights advocate, very unconventional student, friendly and fun mother, artist and avid glutton. Political junkie from a complex skeptic perspective. Lives in Richfield, plays in the whole Metro area. Continue Reading

Home at the End of Another World

My last name means “I see the world.” It’s an Ethiopian name I took as a young man during the Black Arts movment, when a lot of us were dropping family names that were reflective of our captivity through the slave trade and reclaiming cultural roots through a new name.  This blog is a journal that reflects a life transition and also reflects global transformation. It’s both personal and global, documenting a journey from Minnesota to Ethiopia, which I look at as pulling together multiple threads in my life and focusing how I walk through the world. I’ve been a teacher for a large part of my adult life. Continue Reading

On Becoming Beloved Community

On Becoming Beloved Community… beyond diversity to solidarity.You can talk about diversity and community, or you can try to live it. This author seeks to authentically do both.For over 25 years North Minneapolis has been home to Marque and his family. Some may think it is far from his NE Iowa roots, but in a strange way he sees them as similar in many ways. Urban and rural folks have similar rules of engagement and respect, unique from their “sub-urban” cousins.This attitude was foundation as Marque began teaching at North High School and then worked in various community organizations. Continue Reading