Poking Around


Poking Around is Mary Treacy’s WordPress blog, shared with TCDP readers.

Poking Around in the real world usually starts with learning frontiers  in my immediate neighborhood, Northeast Minneapolis, or  places in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area that are reachable by public transit.  While others rush by I poke around by foot and by bus or light rail transit.  There’s no end of things to see and hear and learn.  On a good day I just hop off the bus and check out a neighborhood or a building or a park.  I’m not so much into museums as into the treasures that are overlooked.  Same goes with people.

In the digital world my favorite frontier is access to public information and to the public institutions, especially libraries and librarians, that rise to the challenge of enhancing access to public information.  When you get through the endless discussion of “pipes” and get to the hard core of live information, it’s a fascinating information frontier.  Though the technology may be 21st Century, the tools of the trade of librarianship has passed down through the centuries.  And the more information there is, and the more people who need the information, the more those tools become indispensable.