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  1. The worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mirza Masroor Ahmad explained that:

    “As far as Islam is concerned, it categorically rejects and condemns every form of terrorism. It does not provide any cover or justification for any act of violence, be it committed by an individual, a group or a government….. ”

    As a Muslim, I strongly condemn the violent baseless acts of the extremists in Garland who took up arms in order to ‘defend’ the honor of Islam.

    America needs to stand together against those provoking hate and those who seek to use violence in order to ‘silence’ dissenting opinions. At the same time, drawing caricatures of religious figures such as prophet Muhammad under the pretense of freedom of speech takes away the real motive of the ‘freedom of speech’ which is to establish peace in our communities.

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